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Recognizing a Cash Cow.


Yes, you can save millions of dollars and impact net earnings by building dream teams while flourishing in any industry. Employee turnover rates represent one of the biggest costs for businesses today. It is crucial for employers to hone in on their workforce, especially the cash cows, the overachievers who bring innovation (extra milk) to the company. Oftentimes, this milk dries up due to lack of open idea exploration or being stubbornly stuck in an old, archaic system of working that will always fail in this new millennium. This book offers practical ways to Recognizing a Cash Cow and even develop gold mining teams by creating a new environment with new attitude toward your greatest asset, your people!


End the cycle of losing profits due to high employee turnover, with all those exits, vacancies, and recruitment costs. Beyond the monetary losses, you are also losing too much in terms of invaluable knowledge, customer relationships, productivity, and damaged workplace morale. Be empowered by learning the art of honing in on treasure troves right in your midst. This book has solid methodologies for Asset Optimization of Human Capital for developing workforces that will take your company to higher dimensions of real sustainable growth.


Increase profits and impact the bottom line by transforming your greatest asset, the people. Develop win-win creative cultures.

  • Cash Cows: Learn ways to tap into the overachievers effectively.
  • Profit, No Losses: This requires strategy, focused attention, and harmony on the ranch.
  • The Skill of Milking. Capitalizing upon all the talents offered and available to propel your business to new heights via human capital.
  • Grass Fed: Equip people with the best food (knowledge, encouragement, and clear definitions) to get the best returns.
  • Servant Leadership: Find guidance for leadership to empower and stir up the team for greatness.
  • Listen to the Moos: Learn how to chime in on the requests and cries of the people to encourage them to perform at higher levels.
  • Innovation Unleashed: Discover an environment for idea exploration.
  • Grassroots Growth Partners: Groom all levels of employees for a shared partnership attitude.
  • The New Brand: Use these new ways to engage and inspire your team members to challenge them to bring out the best in them.
  • Round up the Herd: Constant but varied communication can lead to greater achievements.